Monique Duran is a Seattle-based multimedia artist born and raised in New Mexico.  Drawn to language from an early age, she became fascinated with the stories we tell outside of words and how we communicate them. Originally taken with visual arts such as photography, she quickly became captivated by the motion and abstraction of experimental video and its ability to illustrate time and emotion in new ways.  With increasing interest in immersive experiences, her work has come to include stage & event design, video installation, live visual mixing for music-based events, sculpture and sound design.  Shaped by a background in dance and cinematography, her aesthetic leans toward the lyrical, often using the human form and nature as an expression of our animality and connection to the rhythms around us.  Common themes are centered on space, time, memory, language, longing, and liberation.

In Seattle, she serves as resident visual artist, DJ and founding member of subMerge, an artist collective focused on the promotion of electronic music and art. She has shown in support of international producers including Powel, Dance Spirit, Leo Leal, Afriqua and Melodie at festivals, events and alternative spaces throughout the US.

BlackWaterStars visuals

DARK RIVER sound project